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Welcome to Foco Composite Decking we are a China WPC decking factory, specialising in Wood Plastic Composite flooring manufacturing. We specialise in composite materials for ground surfaces and exteriors. Our materials are the best for modern architectural constructions as an alternative to wood. At Foco Composite Decking, we possess wide knowledge, practical and realistic involvement in WPC decking. Every of these items offer our clients a cheaper cost based on their long future resulting in low support maintenance.

Composite Decking

WPC is environmental friendly and durable. It is made out of recycled plastic and waste products from the wood industry. As a result one ton of WPC can save 1 acre of forest.

Benefits of WPC Products

  • Non slip surface
  • Environmental friendly – Only recycled materials used
  • WPC lasts 10 times longer than wood
  • High surface hardness, Resistant to bending and high pressure
  • Resistant to moist, termites, acid and alkali, UV
  • Resistant to harsh conditions and extreme temperatures, Adjustable characters. Suitable for -50 °C to 60°C
  • Durable, Low and cheap maintenance


Our popular wood-plastic composite (WPC) products. Please contact us for a quote and a custom order.

DE CC135-22.5 RH Decking
DE CC135-22.5 RH - 135 x 22.5mm Reversible Hollow Co-extruded Decking
DE CC135-22.5RS|| Foco Composite Decking
DE CC135-22.5 RS - 135*22.5mm Reversible Solid Co-extruded Decking
DE 135-25 RH Composite Decking
DE 135-25 RH 135*25mm Reversible Hollow Decking
DE 150-25 RH Decking
DE 150-25 RH - 150*25mm Reversible Hollow Decking
DE 135-21 RS Decking
DE 135-21 RS - 135*21mm Reversible Solid Decking
DE 140-25 SHH Decking
DE 140-25 SHH 140*25mm Single Surfaced Hollow Decking with Round Holes

The home is much more than just a place to lay your head, feel independent and stay away from the troubles on the outside. It is a place where you can let guests know who you are – personalizing your creativity. Investing your time, money and effort into your home will not only let others know more about your personality, but will improve the quality of your life. In times past, normal or uncapped composite varieties were used for the decking areas of a home. However, there has been improvements in this area today – developments that would definitely interest you.


Loghu-Park-Deqing Decking

Shunde Fortuna Hotel, Foshan

Lenghu Park Decking

Longhu Park, Deqing

Decking of Chinalife, Nanhai Branch

Chinalife, Nanhai Branch