What is Co-extrusion decking

What is Co-extrusion decking?

Co-extrusion boards, sometimes called capped deck boards are the perfect alternative to wood decking. Co-extrusion boards are made from Wood Plastic Composite (WPC). Traditional wood boards can rot and wear from normal weathering. Co-extruded or co-extrusion boards have a rigid coating which offers a wider variety of benefits, such as:

  1. Increased toughness, which can withstand at least three times more weight and pressure than normal boards.
  2. Co-extruded boards are long-lasting and can last over 50 years, whereas normal wooden boards last around 10 years.
  3. Our new technology provides a 360-degree covering, which safeguards the boards from scratches, water, fungus, UV, and so much more.
  4. Unlike paints on boards, co-extrusion boards are hard to chip or scratch.
  5. Co-extrusion plastic wood has a color protective layer that will not fade with the preservation of color for around ten years.

The co-extrusion process of our boards involves the use of multiple ingredients like antioxidants, colorants, and UV inhibitors. All the ingredients are combined to give our boards all the necessary qualities to make them environmental friendly and long lasting. Even though the Co-extrusion boards aren’t pure wood, they can be produced to keep the wooden feel and look. These are a fabulous alternative to standard boards with a wider variety of applications. Literally removing all the headaches of maintenance and other menaces by upgrading to a high-tech decking option, co-extrusion boards.

The longer lifespan, extended durability, more aesthetic options, and better quality are only some of the benefits of co-extrusion boards. Fortunately, the price difference between co-extruded boards and normal boards isn’t massive BUT the price to performance ratio is! Therefore, if you want a better version of normal boards with a minute difference in price, then co-extrusion boards should be your first choice.