How to clean WPC Decking

How to clean WPC Decking

Wood plastic composite decking

Wood plastic composite decking is manufactured using a combination of recycled wood and plastic materials. The production process makes WPC decking very similar to wood decking, but the maintenance, care and cleaning processes are different. WPC decks demand very minimal effort to care for when compared to the maintenance requirements for wood decking. Here are a few important points that will help you clean and effectively maintain your WPC decking.


No matter the type of decking you decide to install, you would definitely experience occasional surface dirt. It is recommended that you make use of soft-bristled brush and soapy water to wash the surface to ensure you free the decking surface of any surface dirt and prevent dirt accumulation. Although the general Wood plastic composite decking surface cleaning should not become an obsessive act, regular cleaning would help you prevent the build-up of bird droppings, pollen, and any potential dirt.

A gentler approach is always best for your deck. If you must use a pressure washer, make sure you make use of a household pressure washer with the pressure at its lowest and at least 25cm away from the surface. Preferably, a garden hose would be ideal for regular cleaning. Using the right composite cleaner is very crucial to the longevity of your deck. When making a purchase for a deck cleaner, always check the label. Do not ever use one that is chlorine bleach based. If you find Sodium Hypochlorite on the label, it is an indicator that the cleaner contains bleach.

On the other hand, cleaners with sodium precarbonate are recommended because they create a particular kind of bubble when mixed with water – these bubbles dissolve and ensure any organic material on the surface is completely cleaned off. All you need to do is apply the mixture – your water and cleaner – to the deck surface, allow it to stand for 15 minutes so it can break off the stains, an use a deck scrub to clean the deck area in circular motions while the deck is still wet. When you are done with the cleaning, make use of clean water to rinse the area very well.

To ensure proper cleaning of your deck, clean the deck in small sections. This would allow you clean the area while it is still wet. If you allow it dry off with the cleaner and water on it, the organic matter would settle in again. Also ensure you scrub between the boards so you can get off any substances hidden therein. Once you have finished cleaning your deck, allow it dry for a few hours before you move your furniture back into its place. A periodical low maintenance effort can save your deck for many years to come – even forever.


Wood composite decking is usually more susceptible to stains than WPC decking. If there is any spot stain on the decking, it is best to clean it as soon as possible. However, if any stain has lingered and allowed to stand for some time, first make use of a brush and soapy water to take it off.
If this does not work – perhaps the stain is a greasy substance, you could use a degreasing agent to clean it off. If you experience any stubborn stains on your deck, a commercial WPC deck cleaning agent may just be ideal. Manufacturers usually recommend specific cleaning agents that will do the trick for your specific deck.